English summary
As I wrote in my introduction, astronomy is one of my main interests.

In the end of 2004 I built an observatory which got its name from the constellation Ursa minor. The observatory itself is located 14 km North of my heavily light polluted home-town Debrecen,
in Bocskaikert. (Precise location: N 47° 38', E 021° 39' )

It is a 3X3 meters roll-off roof �garden-shed� with a separated and
heatable 1,5X3 meters observing room (which I find extremly useful).

I got many good ideas for the building from my friend Sandor Brasko and
from the
Amateur Observatories homepage.

My telescope is a 8" Meade LX-90 UHTC SC (now I use my astronomical society's new
Celestron 11" on a hungarian made Fornax 51 mount).

I try to make astrophotos with a webcamera (Meade LPI) as well as CCD camera (Meade DSI-pro) and a digital camera (Canon EOS 300D).

You can find photos about the building, the equipment and a few examples of my astronomical images on the  following pages.
(More photos are on our
astronomical society's homepage.)