last updated: 18. 10. 2005.
István Gyarmathy's homepage

My name is Istvan Gyarmathy
(on the attached photo you can see me with my wife, Eva).
I am hungarian and live in the second biggest Hungarian city, Debrecen.

I am an ecologist and work at
Hortobagy National Park.
My main interests are my work in the field of nature conservation, and my hobby of astronomy.
You can see some of my astrophotos on my other pages.

I work in the NGO field as well serving as the secretary of the
South-Nyirseg Bihari Landscape Protection Society and as the vice president of the Magnitudo Astronomical Society.

I play jazz too and I am member of the
Debrecen Dixieland Jazz Band, playing the clarinet.
Debrecen Dixieland Jazz Band